Too often we bask in our comfortable complacency and rationalize that the ravages of war, economic disaster, famine, and earthquake cannot happen here. Those who believe this are either not acquainted with the revelations of the Lord, or they do not believe them. Those who smugly think these calamities will not happen, that they somehow will be set aside because of the righteousness of the Saints, are deceived and will rue the day they harbored such a delusion. - Ezra Taft Benson

Monday, September 9, 2013

Natural Disasters - We Don't Have to Be Afraid

Noah's Ark - Some obeyed and heeded
In his 2012 article, Elder Stanley G. Ellis of the Quorum of the Seventy, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches the following true principles that can bring peace to our lives.  Most of us are aware that natural disasters occur and have been prophesied to continue to occur.  We would do well to prepare ourselves in every way that we can - so that we can be at peace WHEN challenging things happen in our own lives and/or around us.

"The last days will be marked by many calamities and the rise of evil in the world. Against these threats the Lord and His prophets have given us counsel on how to be righteous and avoid spiritual pitfalls and evil. However, calamities—such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis—seem to strike randomly and devastate the just as well as the unjust. These calamities terrify many of us. But I have learned that we don’t have to be afraid of disasters. When we are grounded in the gospel and when we are prepared, we can weather any storm."  Natural Disasters - We Don't Have to Be Afraid
And, President Gordon B. Hinckley in a Classic talk entitled "To the Boys and to the Men", spoke of how we can have peace in our lives though the storms may howl around us:
"I urge you, brethren, to look to the condition of your finances. I urge you to be modest in your expenditures; discipline yourselves in your purchases to avoid debt to the extent possible. Pay off debt as quickly as you can, and free yourselves from bondage.
"This is a part of the temporal gospel in which we believe. May the Lord bless you, my beloved brethren, to set your houses in order. If you have paid your debts, if you have a reserve, even though it be small, then should storms howl about your head, you will have shelter for your wives and children and peace in your hearts. That’s all I have to say about it, but I wish to say it with all the emphasis of which I am capable."