Too often we bask in our comfortable complacency and rationalize that the ravages of war, economic disaster, famine, and earthquake cannot happen here. Those who believe this are either not acquainted with the revelations of the Lord, or they do not believe them. Those who smugly think these calamities will not happen, that they somehow will be set aside because of the righteousness of the Saints, are deceived and will rue the day they harbored such a delusion. - Ezra Taft Benson

Monday, October 7, 2013

Do the BEST you Can!

President Hinckley is one of my heroes.  He'd teach correct principles and then, knowing that not all were always in a position to fully keep all that counsel he'd say 'do the best you can.'.

I love and appreciate that. over any or all of these blog posts.  They are all correct principles to the best of my understanding.  I've tried to post things of value and motivation to help us all get more prepared for whatever lies ahead.

But, if you aren't able to do them all at this time - just 'do the best that you can.'  That may include making a monthly plan of items to purchase, prayerfully seeking the Lord's guidance in getting things that you need.

As a single-parent of three, our finances have been very limited these past 12 yrs.  But, I can attest to the fact that if we are truly desirous to keep the commandments and heed instruction that the Lord will provide a way.

We have been the recipient of fresh apples, elder berries, raspberries, peaches and apricots that people said they had in excess and asked if we'd be interested in picking.  These were all 'miracles' that we hadn't expected but that came to us because we were trying to prepare.

I know that if we are striving to obey the Lord will help us.  We may have to ask for that help, or put our request to someone in our church congregation who does the bulletin or website, or seek to find ways to have things happen, but, they will if we put our trust in the Lord and are doing all we can to keep His commandments.